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Born and raised in Atlanta, Jean or Bean as she is most affectionately known has seen her city grow and change immensely over the past 30-odd years. She drinks a Coke a day, remembers when Sid Slid, and even donned Willie B’s pants on a visit to Zoo Atlanta. A Westminster alum and Kenyon College grad, Jean brings leadership, creativity, and a deep breath to the FiNCA team. Hospitality and interpersonal connection reign in all of Bean’s professional ventures – she’s coached and taught at the NCAA level on the women’s soccer field, led teenagers in outdoor school in the backcountry of Alaska, and sharpened her business development skills both across the country and here in Atlanta. Kindness and empathy create connection and growth, her goal is to implement this type of mentality from the top. Happiness for Bean is a walk with her dog and an iced dirty chai on a sunny day! We grabbed the behind-the-scenes FiNCA co-owner for a quick Q&A:

Why Atlanta? Atlanta is my home, my birthplace, my family is here, and it’s where I got sober. Born and raised in north Atlanta, it’s been amazing getting to know a completely different cityscape south of Downtown. The energy is palpable – rich, soupy history intertwined with creative, intentional and influential culture. I love the coupling of slow southern goodness or twang and brain-bursting creativity.

Introduce your dog, please: Bear! Bear’s my angel in a dog costume. I rescued her (who rescued who, am I right?) in Denver, CO in 2017. She was evacuated from Hurricane Harvey, I went to volunteer with the shelter that took her in and lo-and-behold she came on home with me! She’s been my rock in my sober journey and my greatest adventure pal. Don’t tell Kayla that last part.

Why coffee, why work with your partner? Have y’all met Kayla? Her energy is magnetic. Not only that, but coffee is an immediate community-builder. I’m passionate about human connection and facilitating welcoming and affirming spaces that don’t feel sterile or forced – there are never enough. Our timing was such that I could jump into business development with her pop-up and she could shine on the coffee side. She runs the show, I get to provide some balance (and humor)!

What’s your favorite Atlanta past-time? Braves play-offs, live music, adventures to new restaurants, and any activity or event including our dogs.