Hibiscus • Passionfruit • Muscat Grape

Region – Piedamó, Cauca
Process – Yeast Inoculated Anaerobic
Varietal – Colombia
Elevation – 2231 masl
Importer – Tío Conejo
Roaster – Junto


What is a Yeast Inoculated Anaerobic Coffee? 

After selection of only the ripest cherries, the picked cherries are cleaned with Ozone gas and UV lights. The cherries are then pulped and deposited inside a bioreactor. Fermentation is controlled without the presence of oxygen. At that time the cherries are inoculated with a specific variety of yeast. From there the cherries are fermented for 36 hours before washing the beans.

We find that this method of inoculation and care given to the coffee gives it an exceptional tropical fruit flavor but with a very clean cup, it has easily become one of our favorite coffees.

About Junto:

Junto is the dreamchild of Alex Medina, who cut his teeth in coffee over a dozen years ago at Greenville’s specialty coffee legend, Coffee and Crema. Years of hard work – bar shifts, educating and training, competing, and building community – Alex went on to work for the green coffee importers, Ally Coffee. This position gave him a wide perspective of the coffee market at large through origin trips, conferences, classes, and conversation.

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