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Our primary goal at Finca to Filter is to celebrate humanity’s finest moments. That sip you take when you’re with us has been carefully crafted based on our expertise gleaned from years on a coffee farm (or “finca” in Spanish) in Guatemala and a lifetime of studying the curation of the Bean.

Excellent coffee has the uncanny ability to enhance the connections and experiences that cultivate a deeper love of one another. As queer women and owners, we have seen and heard our fair share of minimization so we’d love you to love the coffee AND the people pouring AND the folx you enjoy it with. We’re grateful to center both ourselves and our business in your communities and know we’ll bring joy or support to any shared moment.

We’re proud to be queer, woman entrepreneurs in the coffee and hospitality sector but we’re most inspired to set the highest standard for community-driven, sustainable, and thoughtful business.

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I want to be in-the-know on how the fourth wave of coffee is rising


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